Welcome to the Country Store and Gardens An Uncommon Place at the Heart of Vashon Island

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Thanks for visiting us on the web. Our store is nestled on 10 acres, located on Vashon Island, in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. For 45 years our store has been serving the residents of Vashon Island.

Both our general store and our online store offer a wide variety of clothing, raingear, underwear for all seasons, footwear and socks for the entire family. Our lines include Carhartt, Filson, Helly Hansen, Dutch Harbor, Jockey, and Warners, plus top brands of footwear.

Our personal care items include local organic items as well as national brands like Hyland’s.

Our garden supplies are mostly organic, produced for Northwest usage, and available from small amounts to 50 pound bags.

We offer a full range of Northwest Gourmet food products, which we can gift package to go by singles or hundreds to anywhere in the world through our complete shipping office, which is geared to handle personal or corporate gifts.

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How To Make Your Garden Fence Up With Plants

This article examines tips on the most proficient method to enhance your outside territory. This is ideal for the individuals who wants to avoid fencing contractors arranging a few remodels or change in their home.

Is it accurate to say that you want to enhance the presence of your garden this year? All things considered, there is no better timing to do this change yet today since we are respecting a crisp year.

Your home will be totally wonderful and satisfactory in the event that you will likewise invest time enhancing your open air zone. It is insufficient that you have incredible inner part and inside look of the house, rather you ought to likewise require some investment to settle your garden or outside zone. Here are a few tips on the best way to enhance your garden region:

plants on the fence

Step 1

Make utilization of garden shed or outside capacity – as a matter of first importance, you ought to verify that your open air region is clean. It would be a huge disillusionment to see a chaotic lawn or yard. Along these lines, you ought to think about having as a garden shed or outside capacity. This will permit you to keep your things in place and in the meantime can give extra magnificence to your garden. There are different sorts of garden sheds to browse – you can pick a plastic, wooden or metal stockpiling that can come well with your home plan.

Step 2

Plant lovely blooms – gardening can be a bit scary for some individuals yet you may need to attempt it and perceive how satisfying this pastime could be. Not just you can have anxiety free and unwinding time planting blooms however you could likewise make your open air more wonderful and adequate with the vicinity of the beautiful and excellent blossoms. With this, you can anticipate that your lawn will be constantly prepared for outside gatherings.

Step 3

Mastermind some valuable open air furniture – an alternate approach to enhance your outside zone is by putting some helpful furniture like garden table and seats. This is great so you can oblige visitors while getting a charge out of the sun outside the house.

Step 4

Give a play area range to the children – on the off chance that you have children in the house; it is prudent to designate some space in your terrace for the kid’s play area. You can set up some inflatable slides and trampoline so your children can appreciate their recess without expecting to go to the recreation centre or the shopping centre. You could likewise set up a little action zone for them wherein they can play their doll house, paint, and draw or read books. Beyond any doubt, your children will admire this.

Step 5

Have a swimming pool/b-ball court/tennis court, on the off chance that you have liberal space in your patio then it is best to prescribe to have a swimming pool or maybe a smaller than expected b-ball court. In the event that children have play area, then grown-ups must have some “play area” as well. You could likewise utilize your terrace for your consistent activity administration. Other than playing games or swimming, you could likewise set up your yoga tangle here and do your reflection. It is positively perfect to have a calm place in your home to do this.

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Should you hire a marquee for your garden party?

A garden party marquee hire is the perfect arrangement when arranging a birthday party or family or friends assembling. On the off chance that you are commending a graduation or your kids’ exam comes about and need to hold a party for you and your nearby companions in your back arrangement, then a marquee is the perfect arrangement.

Marquees offer different sorts of preferences over different sorts of party venue, for example, the capacity to have your gathering near your home in the event that you have space in your arrangement. Likewise they permit you to spread out diverse components of your party inside, for example, a disco or move floor range, cool it ranges, versatile authorized bars, cloakrooms, nourishment administration regions and toilets.

Marquees support in exhibiting a touch of class to the incidents at gatherings and grants nights as they depict your organization or occasion as being overwhelming. The tall crests of marquees permit you to embellish the inner part of your party with expansive props, brilliant curtains and cutting edge sound & visual supplies. The way that marquees have such an extensive zone to use for occasion adornment and showcases, imply that you can make different types of party topics.

Party Marquee Themes

With the right imaginative flare and association abilities you can make one of a kind and eye catching party themes in marquees that will make your party a win. The advanced configuration of marquees permits you to arrange out the inside of your party venue to the last detail. These days most marquees are casing marquees, importance there are no inward structural help posts to impede the move floor, eating range or stage.

In the event that you needed your party to have a 1930’s theme or to show up just as it is in a 1970’s club, there truly is no motivation behind why you can’t embellish your marquee along these lines. With the right inner part props, table and chair hire, disco lights, music and extravagant dress contract you can make a party to recall in a marquee.

marquee themes gallery

Cutting edge Marquee Design

Cutting edge marquees are held up by a solid steel outline which is intended to give greatest space inside by just having schema on the outside edges. The edge structure of marquees is solid whilst being exceptionally insignificant in size, which permits elective marquee dividers to be made accessible.

Case in point on the off chance that you need windows in the dividers of your party marquee, extra entryways or windows in the top, this isn’t an issue, in light of the fact that the marquee procure, organizations will effortlessly have the capacity to supplant divider boards with a window boards.

This flexibility of marquees to effectively be modified fit as a fiddle and structure is an agreeable playing point over different sorts of party venue, in light of the fact that in hot climate you can open up the sides to permit more air and characteristic light in.

When it comes to marquees, there are different sizes and shapes; there is a customary shape, which has a shaft and ropes, there is also the more current mental-framed and clear-span variety.

” Despite the fact that the customary style is regularly supported for its tasteful qualities, an acceptable compass marquee is the most mainstream decision nowadays as there are no shafts to impede the tables or move floor, and no ropes to trek over “ says Heath Maek Director of the Casablanca Hire Company

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Top ways of making your garden fence taller

There are many practical reasons why some people want to make their fence taller. Most times, people are interested in making their fence taller because of privacy; they simply want to use their garden without neighbours interfering, or sometimes not to see their neighbours apartment or garden. Apart from that, taller fence can also hide an eyesore such as old shed or a garage, they also present as a shade from the sun, and also, taller fences leads to enhanced security. Taller fences can provide safety for exercising dogs and children playing.

In this article today, we will give you some steps you can take so as to make your garden fence taller. Here are the steps:

Make a plan

When planning to make your garden fence taller, you have to make sure you make a plan for your garden fence. There are some questions you need to ask yourself like; “Why do I need to make my fence tall?” “Why is my fence not tall enough”, you don’t need to ask yourself the questions only, you also need to work towards the solution. If you know what is obstructing your fence from not making it tall enough, you can make a thorough research and you may find it easy to do.

After that, you need to plan about your budget; the money and time you will spend on this garden fence. There are different types of garden fence ranging from different fees. There are cheaper ones and at the same time expensive ones. So the type of garden fence you will acquire will depend on your plan and how much you are ready to offer for this fence. You can buy a more picturesque taller fence or a plain and practical one for your home.

Determine how much taller you want your fence: After making a plan for your garden fence, the next thing to do is to measure your fence, and determine how much how much higher you want the fence to be. You can choose a DIY fence or a bespoke fence; it all depends on your option and wish.

Natural Ways of making your fence taller

We’ve shared some artificial ways of making a fence taller; by buying some DIY fence or a bespoke fence. So if you don’t have enough money to spend, you can try this out the natural ways.

  1. First of all, you have to determine how much more height you want to add to the fence, after that, you will drive your stakes deeper into the ground by half that length. In case you want to another 3 feet to the fence, then drive stakes into the fence another 1 ½ feet to end up with a sum of 3 feet in the ground.

tall fence

  1. After the number one step, you now have to cut wooden posts to the number of size needed for the addition on the fence. For example; if you want to your 3 foot fence into a 6 foot fence, then you will need stakes that are total of 9 feet long, so cut 4 ½ foot posts to attach to the top of your stakes. Make sure you use a table saw to cut the posts and use the similar kind of wood you used at first.

table saw cutting the posts

  1. Join tie plates to one end of each of the wooden posts. Drill three ½-inch screws into the tie plate and wooden post.
  2. Now place the wooden posts on top every stake and attach the tie plates onto the top of the stakes
  3. Lastly, you need to wrap chicken wire around the top part of the fence.

Conclusively, making your fence taller is really difficult especially if you are doing it naturally; It is best advised you buy a DIY fence or a bespoke fence so as to make your work easier and efficient.

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Types of Decorative Garden Fencing You Need to Build Today!

Garden fencing is more than just flowers and vegetables. Sometimes, some people actually want their gardens to be gratifying, which can be done in different ways, one of which is being decorative garden fences. These fences are designed in different methods like; the wood, bamboo and vinyl method. This different method has its own qualities that separate there selves from each other. There is always an important role for each of these methods and they have a part they play.

In this article today, we will explain the three different types of decorative garden fencing which you need to build for your garden today.

Types of Decorative Garden Fencing

Wooden Fences: Wooden fences are suitable for people interested in making their garden looks like a country. One major type of a wooden fence is called split rail; this split rail gives your garden a country look. This particular type of decorative garden fence can be a good choice for people looking for fence that can be easily installed. This decorative garden fence can be found ready-made at all lumberyards and home stores around you.

These ready-made fences can actually be put to together and installed within a day. Ensure you make a thorough research before buying a ready-made fence or you are advised to take an expert along with you because these types of fences requires special consideration in order to avoid rot.

Bamboo Fencing: Bamboo fencing has been in existence for some time now, and can be used to bring interested and attractive look to your garden. This type of garden fence is also suitable for people who are environmentally friendly. Bamboo fences are made of grass instead of woods. As a result, the supply replenishes itself quickly unlike the wooden fences.

There are many different types of bamboo decorative fences like the Kenninji, Misu, Otsu, e.t.c. Almost all the home improvement stores always carry the fences and any other things needed to maintain them. Because bamboo is a natural product, it sometimes needs extra care and maintenance. There are different types of ways in which you can treat a bamboo fence that can be used to extend its beauty. Even with all this extra care and maintenance, bamboo fencing is an immense option for a beautiful, environmentally friendly fence.

vinyl fencing

Vinyl Fencing: The last but certainly not the least type of garden fencing is the Vinyl Fencing. This type of garden fencing is suitable for people that are looking for a low maintenance decorative garden fences. Vinyl fencing doesn’t need any particular substance or managements in order to maintain it.

Apart from that, Vinyl fencing is also capable of surviving harsh environments; making it suitable for people living in harsh environment. Vinyl fencing comes in different looks depending on your choice. In case you are searching for the look of a wood fence with no necessary maintenance and upkeep, then vinyl is the right answer for you.

Conclusively, buying a garden fence all depends on your choice and the way you can maintain them. Just make sure you buy a quality one and enjoy it for life.

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How Do Garden And House Clearance Services Work?

The main reasons why we need a Garden or House Clearance services are simply because our garden is dry and not well arranged; we need to arrange our garden and beautify it through Garden clearance services, and also, we need a House clearance services company when someone’s situation changed and they have to move out of their current home, sometimes maybe because of ill health, job or retirement, vacation, or a loved one just died and their house is empty and needs to be cleared , or probably a failed relationship; this are many reasons why we need a Garden and House clearance services company.

In this article today, we will explain how Garden and House clearance Services Companies always analyse their charges, based on the value of the items that will be cleared.

As the normal rule states; each garden rubbish clearance company must charge you moderately for clearing your house in regard the number of your rooms, bedrooms, garage, garden, e.t.c

How these companies will charge you moderately will depend on the kind of contents to be cleared which will fall into any of this category:

  1. If the content in your house doesn’t have a resale value, your fee is likely to be high because this content is useless to them; they just have to remove this content and take it to any waste depot around there.
  2. The second category is when some of your contents have a resale value, and some doesn’t have; it’s a mix content and your fee will be reduced compared to the first category.
  3. This last category is when all your contents are resalable; this will attract the lowest fee. Some reputable companies may even tender to shared the income of sale with you if the income is more than the clearance cost. This is most profitable category because you don’t have to spend, and your company will also gain.

How Do They Receive Their Income From Saleable Items?

The Garden and House clearance companies receive their income from the profitable contents in so many forms; but the most suitable ones are:

  1. They trade or auction the furniture and other profitable home contents.
  2. They also sell the scrap metal and cables to the suitable scrap recyclers through its weight
  3. They also sell sell-able cloths and bedding to any suitable or nearby fabric recyclers. You can find a big list of recycling centers in London on the following website.

As you can see now that the Garden and House Clearance companies has so many options when calculating their cost; they calculate number of rooms and also calculate the worth of the sale-able contents. Basically, these companies are taking a calculated gamble on the profits they will receive from selling the contents, and they sometimes regulate the fee if it doesn’t’ suit them.

Things to consider when hiring a Garden and House Clearance company

Normally, you don’t just call a clearance company to help you clear your garden or house without considering some factors. When thinking of hiring one, these are the things you need to consider:

  1. Confirm that the Garden and House Clearance company you want to hire is a reputable one with at least a waste license number. (find a registered waste carrier)
  2. Also get a firm quotation from them. Make the quotation in writing if possible.
  • Ensure that you and the company have a clear discussion on what needs to be cleared away from each room, garage or garden.
  1. You are also advice to pay in cheque or bank transfer; with this, you can have a record of payment.
  2. And lastly, ensure that you receive an invoice.
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